SCORE’s volunteer business professionals and expert “”mentors”” give counsel and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses. Maine has been lucky in that it’s seen unemployment dramatically decrease since hitting a peak in 2010. Now, the unemployment rate is hovering just above a healthy 4 percent, according to the U.S.

“” has people who will take a lot of time to explain to people what it takes to get started and run a small business.”” For most of Maine’s Maine Small Businesses Near Me owners, complying with state regulations and obtaining required permits or licenses is relatively simple and straightforward. In the worst cases, when mistakes are made, the business owners reported patience on the state’s part and a willingness to help correct the errors.

MVF also will use the Roux Institute as a Portland co-working office. Let’s get you connected to a certified business advisor in your area who can answer your specific questions. Business advising is free, confidential, and available virtually.

While no one in our state has been left unaffected by the novel coronavirus, it is clear that small businesses and restaurants are feeling the struggle especially right now. Pay It Forward Maine was started by the Portland Regional Chamber and its partners as a collaborative community measure. The site contains an ever-growing library of ideals, tools, and resources to support Maine businesses, organizations, and each other during this pandemic. In addition to providing assistance to the businesses themselves, it helps those of us in Maine and all over the country support the companies we love. Gift cards, online orders, and even social promotion can be hugely beneficial at this time.

Maine has got that in spades, said the entrepreneurs we spoke with. With a desire for local goods and services, as well as a personal interest in who the person behind the counter is, Maine is like a statewide throwback to the days of small-town Americana. The state Department of Economic and Community Development notified 382 small businesses and nonprofits that they will receive awards of up to $50,000 each, it said in a news release.

Maine hosts more than a dozen development centers for small businesses. Each is dedicated to supporting the development and retention of small businesses, helping entrepreneurs do everything from craft business plans to navigate the state’s tax code. You can find your region’s small business development center at the link below.

$5 million in funds will be dispersed from the State of Maine’s Jobs and Recovery Grant Program via organizations including Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission . The grant program targets businesses and nonprofits that still need immediate short-term help to sustain operations. You’d think it’s nearly impossible to find a small business grant for women anywhere online. But a lot of these sites either look shady or they’re way too complicated government-run sites — agencies that typically give out large grants to women business owners, but only if you’re in the tech sector. Plus, the paperwork and financial info you’re forced to disclose is invasive. With workers’ compensation insurance, The Hartford can help cover the cost of medical expenses needed to treat work-related injuries and illnesses.

That would be good news, except that the decrease is due in part to a reduction in the overall labor force, which shed more than 20,000 workers since August 2013 as people retired or gave up searching for employment. Unfortunately, this means Main’s small business owners have found it increasingly difficult to find the help they need. “”We really make capital available to people starting a business. Access to capital is very robust here,”” Strojny said. “”We have some interesting funding resources in the state of Maine.”” “”It felt like they were interested in working with small businesses and being part of the local community.”” The Women’s Business Centers provide business training, coaching and mentoring and other assistance geared toward women, particularly those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

The remaining 102,648 are Maine small businesses that have no employees. Maine has 141,936 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available. If you have edits, additions, or ideas, please email me at or Startup Maine’s Katie Shorey at You are welcome to share the guide as a resource on your website. We are a technology company that uses software and experience to bring lenders and borrowers together. Click to follow and receive notifications of new offers by email.

Please keep our neighborhood businesses alive by buying goods, services and gift cards. In addition to the listed organizations, there are local and regional chambers of commerce and libraries throughout Maine that provide a wealth of information relevant to entrepreneurship. Most of Maine’s colleges and universities also have programs relating to entrepreneurship. Check their respective websites for more information and updates. Enjoy lighting savings, better quality of light, reduced lighting maintenance costs, and more.

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