During the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of parcels delivered through road, air, and water transportation was reduced due to restrictions imposed to counter the pandemic. For road transportation, restrictions such as curfews and limited border entrances were the main reasons for lowered delivery volume. Meanwhile, deliveries via water transportation suffered from the decreasing quantity of shipping containers. And as experienced by many other countries, Thailand’s air transportation was heavily scaled-down, resulting in declining air freight volume. However, the pandemic encouraged Thai consumers to purchase online more often than ever. The expansion of the e-commerce market has certainly benefited last-mile delivery in the country as its revenue climbed drastically.

You can check the status of the products in each step in Real Time through the product tracking system from receiving orders, packing, packing until the status of the shipment to the destination. Delivery and distribution services with a variety of delivery channels. According to Krungsri Research Center, there are more than 20 cold storage container operators in Thailand at present able to handle perishable goods such as food, fruit and vegetable, and fishery products. Growth of the sector will drive Thailand’s industrial economic growth and its robust export markets. As about 90% of all goods transported from one country to another are sent by sea, due to the low cost and greater capacity of this mode compared to air freight, the Thai government has placed a priority on expanding the capacity of seaports across the country. Database3 of the United รถรับจ้างทั่วประเทศ Conference for Trade and Development showed that Thailand reported a fleet growth rate of 15.5% to 6.7 million deadweight tons of national flag fleet in 2020, compared with 5.4 million tons in 2015. A 2019 UNCTAD analysis of the volume of goods transported by shipping in the next 20 years, meanwhile, has forecast a significant expansion of the shipping volume to as much as 536 million tons in 2039.

The Thai government has laid out plans to remedy these weaknesses, one of which is to draft new legislation to promote and develop the Thai logistics industry. This legislation has not yet been enacted, but the provisions of the draft bill express methods to tackle the key issues. As other ASEAN member states increase their equity participation in Thai businesses to up to 70%, local players will need to develop their capacity in order to compete effectively. All of these will create investments, employment, and income will be distributed throughout the supply chain. The logistics services industry can establish hundreds of billions of revenue for Thailand annually and create hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities in the economic system. Technavio presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources by an analysis of key parameters such as profit, pricing, competition, and promotions.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have elected to do more of our work remotely, as mentioned earlier on this page. We have the resources and flexibility to work either at your business location in Thailand or to combine on-site and remote working. David joined our company back in 2001 after relocating from the UK to Australia. As a result, we can help you without navigating travel and movement restrictions, while offering very affordable rates and simplifying the logistics of project management.

This is to help companies strategize and leverage all forthcoming growth opportunities. Their research and analysis focus on emerging market trends and provide actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavio’s report library Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies.

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