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The less interesting ones are available from the Dyemonger NPCs found in every capital city. But watch as the sales of those dyes skyrocket on the market every weekend — when people need them for Fashion Report outfits. Time is money, as previously mentioned, and some folks just don’t want to walk the extra hundred feet, or teleport one extra time, to get what they need. Other times it’s the game just plain failing to explain itself. And at other times, a dye might need a special kind of currency that requires a particular way of farming.

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For instance, if you order FFXIV Gil while we are out of stock, we’ll tell you first. If a bit of a wait is okay with you, we’ll work our hardest to raise the Gil within a day, or sometimes a couple hours. And if while waiting for your Gil to arrive prices go down we’ll give you more Gil to match the economy. But if prices go up, we won’t charge you a penny more. Ask our competitors to do that, and they’ll probably laugh at you.

Gil is earned by selling items and equipment as well as defeating enemies. This is also the first title in which Gil Toss, known as Zeninage, is used, dealing massive amounts of damage at the cost of gil. In Final Fantasy VII, gil and GP are treated as separate currencies. At the Gold Saucer amusement park, GP is used to pay for many attractions, while others charge gil. GP cannot usually be exchanged with gil, but a man randomly appears outside the park who sells the player GP for 100 gil apiece. Otherwise, GP can only be acquired by winning the Saucer’s minigames.

If you’ve been using up your leves then your immediate profits will be much smaller. Still, by continuing to complete the Old Sharlayan leves you can continue to almost passively accrue hundreds of thousands of gil every week. The Doman Enclave takes a bit of time to reach full steam, but once it does, it’s a great way to get rid of unwanted gear. Not to mention it acts as a sort of “Gil Doubler” on pure junk loot.

The NPC to her left, Bertana, will make the exchange. Instead, convert them into items at any capital city, Revenant’s Toll, or Idyllshire. The one we care about in this instance is Idyllshire.

Now players may start asking how all their rich friends are making all their Final Fantasy XIV Gil so fast. Instead, there are 3rd party websites like MmoGah that help you buy cheap FFXIV Gil fast with real money. Leave it to the specialists to farm Gil all day, and then players can buy ffxiv gil conveniently and reliably using one of the delivery methods. The Beast Tribe Quests in Final Fantasy XIV reward you with a bit of Gil, Tomestones, and Ventures, but that’s not the only reason why they’re so profitable. Completing quests for the Beast Tribes will increase your reputation and ultimately grant you access to unique materials and items. You can buy these furnishings, mounts, and minions from the Beast Tribe Vendor and sell them on the Market Board to players who don’t have access to this stuff.

That means more overall money per week (since the transport fee won’t cut as deeply into your profits). If that were the only reason, of course, it probably wouldn’t be worth it. But the Doman Enclave is also the only way to reach the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor at this time. Players who also visit these zones frequently for Resistance Weapon questlines or leveling alternate Jobs should definitely consider setting the Favored Destination. You can then enter the Doman Enclave from the Mercantile Docks in southwest Yanxia.

The skillalso produces a number of Crystals and Clusters. In fact, there’s a chance you won’t get any Aethersand at all, depending on the quality of your harvest. But you always at least get the Crystals and Clusters. This makes Ephemeral Nodes a good way to harvest Crystals and Cluster. Not necessarily because of the number you get, but because of the added value of the Aethersand on top.

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