This is an encouraging sign as far as the market for personal protective surveillance equipment and the use of face masks, face shields, protective clothing, protective gloves, and others in the hospital industry is concerned. The severity of risk will largely depend on the environment in which you work, but working as a security guard you will face aggression or threats from time to time. Wearing protective clothing such as stab-proof vests will help protect you from any dangerous threats you may encounter.

Securities and Exchange Commission reveal how much companies spend to protect their top executives. According to filings, corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions on an annual basis. Some firms take security very serious, outfitting executive level employees with cars, planes, and home alarm systems.

If you have a kit on hand, you can help out any person in need, and get back to your duty and patrol as soon as possible. You can take pictures of property, people, vehicles, crime scenes – almost anything you can think of that is pertinent to your job and the reports that you write up. There are many types, however it’s been said that the UDAP brand of pepper sprays are the best that you can get. Here are a few pepper sprays that you can look at from the UDAP brand. In most states, however, you will be required to complete a training course specialized for handling a baton before you can legally carry one while on duty.

After all, it’s cool to get out of handcuffs and into locked venues all by yourself. To put the cherry on the cake, lock picking is fun, practical, and enjoyable. The possibilities are endless with the right executive protection tools at your disposal.

Instead of thinking of elaborate methods to provide urgent medical assistance, you can have an all-inclusive first aid kit. Cyber security tools are a must for businesses or individuals interested in ensuring their privacy and safety. The last thing you want is to be unavailable because your cellphone battery is dead. We are often tasked with managing various projects within the EP sphere.

We don’t want clients to think they are in a prison with people surrounding them all the time. Truly experienced law enforcement, military and security professionals can spot each other a mile away. Often the giveaways are in the clothing and personal accessories that we choose.

Some companies may require that you complete this training before you are hired. In 1983, Norman and Professor John Kostanoski wrote a book entitled Security and Loss Prevention. This was an excellent text that presented the WAECUP model of loss control. Loss to an organization came from waste, accident, error, crime, and unethical/unprofessional practices. Security was not just about the bad things that people do; it was much more than that.

In fact, I saw people using smartwatches on the one hand and tactical/regular watches on the other. For EPAs, I recommend using a smartwatch to reduce the number of times you take your phone out. Training Coordinator and Close Protection agent at Advanced Security Concepts Inc. This list is very basic and doesn’t take into account the numerous and dynamic situations in which EP details may take place.

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