Each week Disney releases a new theme for you to enjoy with plenty of suggestions for summertime activities for children including artsy crafts, games, videos, computer games, technology and educational tools and recipes. This theme this year is. Pretty much everybody enjoys all things Disney and therefore there are lots of fun things that you could do with it. I’ve listed a few different activities, which are ideal for enjoying the big Disney experience.

For sure one of the most popular Disney Slot Online kids’ summer activities is the Disney inspired craft. Kids get to make something using some Disney characters and the end result is a work of art which they can present to their parents and be proud of! There are many great ideas available for Disney inspired crafts and here are just a few to get you started:

Printable coloring pages – Every child should love to color this is one of the many Disney free printable activities. The very first page of every coloring book is typically the introduction page where the author’s name, dates, some short blurbs about the cartoon character (if there is one), and a link to the Disney website. Children are then shown a coloring page and are encouraged to color in as much or as little as they want. They can also earn a small prize for their work that will really encourage them to continue with their Disney inspired coloring page activities.

Finding Nemo games – I’m sure many of you have seen the movie Finding Nemo. This is another of the many wonderful summer activities for children, where they help to find the missing clownfish (Nemo) and return him back to the sea. Along with the Finding Nemo flash game, there is also a printable version of the film that parents can give to their children to play and make them laugh. As a special treat, all parents can receive a coupon for a free Nemo toy once they finish playing the Finding Nemo games!

Toy Story coloring pages – Are your kids crazy about both the Toy Story cartoon movies and the Toy Story toy? Then you definitely need to check out the coloring pages available at Disney’s official website. Kids can enjoy a page from each of the two movies or use their own imagination to create their own captions using the pen tool provided with the coloring books. Once you have finished creating your own captions, you can send them a link where they can email them to the Disney company. Just type in your child’s name and email address and you will receive a lovely email with a link to a printable page from either the Toy Story movie or from one of the many Disney eBooks available. There are also several different coloring pages available featuring the characters from the Finding Nemo movie.

On top of the games that you can find at the Disney site, you can also find several fun Disney facts and trivia games related to any of the Disney characters you may be interested in including Dora, Peter, Mickey and your little girl’s favorite, Daisy. There are even quizzes and riddles for kids that are based on the movie itself including what did Sponge Bob eat for lunch and who made Sponge Bob’s striped sweater. If you are looking for a fun and creative way to spend some time with your kids, you should definitely check out the various games available at the Disney site. You and your family will surely have a great time learning about all the beloved characters as well as enjoying yourself playing these games. So start searching for the perfect game for your little girl today!

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