Perhaps the best video games for kids are those which challenge young minds on multiple levels (not just speedily). Skills learned: basic problem-solving, basic geometry, teamwork, planning, order. A parent who knows how to play video games for kids will know that each level has a different problem that must be solved. Some of these problems include, word finding, color matching, turning in the right direction, and more. There is even a level called, ‘zai Zone’ in some games which really test your knowledge of spatial skills!

Parents who play video games for kids can create a great opportunity to bond with their children, and parents have been known to introduce preschoolers to educational video games, such as Lego, Playmobil and others. Research has shown that the best video games for kids help to establish positive influence on young minds, such as self-esteem, confidence, social skills and the ability to adapt and learn from negative experiences. A child’s success at mastering a new skill is influenced by the strategies he learns from the games. If his strategies do not work, he can try again but if he succeed, it will strengthen his ability to try and fail until the next time.

The game,’Minecraft’, has been very well received by kids because of its creative design and interesting storyline. It involves mining, cooking, building, farming and more. To play the game, you need to use the mouse, keyboard or game pad. To start with, all the blocks are light green, and once a block is mined, it drops a item that is based on that material. These items include food, tools, potions, equipments and many other things. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link dewapoker.

Amazon’s video game section contains a number of popular games including, ‘Skylanders’,’Transformers’,’LEGO City’ and many more. Some of the best-selling games for young children are ‘Skylanders’, ‘Transformers’, ‘LEX battletop’,’LEGO Deviants’ and many more. All these games were inspired by the famous TV show, ‘The Lego Movie’.

Based on the hit movie, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, the best video games for kids are: The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World and the Kingdom Hearts series. In the story, Link enters a world where he has to save the Princess Zelda and go on a journey. The princess herself is guarded by Ganon, the evil King of the Thieves. Link starts with a shield that has an ESQ (Expertise Score Quotient) of six which he needs to pass through Ganon to reach the throne room and face the King in battle. There are many levels in this game and all of them have a variety of items that can help Link to defeat Ganon.

The older kids might like some strategy based video games like Sonic and Mario for their Nintendo Family Computers. The older generation prefers adventure based video games like Zelda Twilight Princess for the Game Boy Advance and Pokemon FireRed on the Game Boy Advanced system. In terms of younger children, there are many great video games for kids such as Disney’s Planeset for the Nintendo Wii system. In this game they have to rescue their favourite characters from attacks by the bad guys and use strategic thinking to win the fights and level up the levels.

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