According to Respondent 3, the important point is that the Indonesia Independence Day commemoration becomes the reference in maintaining the warmth among the society in every game conducted. The independence day of the Republic of Indonesia, on 17 August, is often celebrated by conducting various activities followed by the society enthusiastically. One of the activities conducted in celebrating the Independence Day is competition in different places in Indonesia, whether it is in a district level, urban area, national institution, school, or even in a workplace.

The modification is usually conducted by adding additional tools. Besides a sack, the participants sometimes use a helmet and blindfold. As cited in Antaranews, “balap karung game with helmet is exciting and challenging. One of the participants was so afraid, that he crawled like a baby rather than jumped. The situs slot games also created a lively atmosphere for all people, including for men, women, children, youth, and older people.

In the water-hitting game, some plastic bags are filled with water, tied, and hung on a string. The participants get ready in the start line with their eyes closed. When they hear the command, the participants should walk straightly as fast as possible to hit the water bags hanging on a banana trunk. The participant who successfully smashes the water bag will be the winner.

The game is not only fun, but it also reminds and recalls the memory of simple outdoor games that are rarely played by the urban society. When the game is over, the winners usually receive prizes provided by the organizing committee. As argued in an article reported in the Pikiran Rakyat newspaper, the game in Indonesia Independence Day commemoration usually comprises collaboration and togetherness values . The first main point of the statement is that the spirit of struggle in doing any activity with a good mental condition is required.

However, you probably never flew kites like they do in Indonesia. The exciting sport of Layang-layang can also go by the title ‘battle kites.’ Yes, kite enthusiasts in Indonesia use a tailless kite with a special string coated in crushed glass to attack other kites in the air. “There are so many cultures in the world but people are only focusing on the ones typically seen in the media, like Western mediaeval fantasy, or like the Egyptians, or Norse or the Japanese.

Engklekplayers will need to throw thegaco – a flat rock used as the players’ piece – into the first square and jump with one leg from one square to the other, except for the square with thegaco. After the player reaches the last square, they need to return to their starting position, jumping with one leg while taking thegaco. In Javanese,engklek means “”walking or jumping on one leg””. Similar to hopscotch,engklek,sometimes known astaplak, is played by jumping on squares drawn on the ground from one to another without falling. This game symbolizes the eagerness, tenacity and effort needed to reach a certain goal.

There is so much culture and history in South-east Asia that has not been touched,” said Mr Antoni. Developers like Mr Pramudita and Mr Antoni are keen to keep the momentum going, with both having games in development. A sequel to Coffee Talk will be released in April, and Toge Productions is also working on a horror survival game set in a mountain in Indonesia. The gaming industry grew 4.47 per cent in 2020, second only to television and radio, as more people turned to home entertainment amid social restrictions enforced to curb Covid-19.

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