List of Hockey Games. Ice hockey is a very fast-paced, intense winter sport associated with heavy gear and worn clothing. It is very popular all over Russia and Europe and is now one of the four major winter sports in North America. In fact, it is so popular in some areas that there is a pro league in America and in the rest of the world as well. If you are a lover of hockey games, you will love this article which lists some of your favorite hockey games.
|hockey games Playing Ice Hockey With A Sports Drink

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Most hockey games last for two to three hours. However, some games last longer, probably because of all the action, such as overtime and penalty shots. Most ice hockey leagues recommend that games be played for at least three hours, but that really depends on the teams and the atmosphere of the particular league. Generally, it is suggested that most hockey games are played for at least sixty minutes, but sometimes overtime is mandated.

If you are out to have fun and play some hockey games, it is best to stay hydrated by having a sports drink with sodium per 32oz. An example of such a beverage is Gatorade. This sports drink contains a high amount of sodium, which makes it a good choice to have with your meal prior to playing your next hockey game.

In addition to enjoying the game, professional leagues have realized that it is important to manage the physical condition of their players. For this reason, there are now rules that dictate how many overtime sessions a team can have during a hockey game. Most professional leagues have already implemented these overtime rules, but there are still a number of professional leagues around the world that are still working on the details.

There are also rules regarding the start of each overtime period. Most professional leagues have decided that the start of each period will be two minutes into the game. There are still a number of professional leagues around the world that have decided to have the start of each period be at three minutes into the game, with a regulation period lasting for fifteen minutes. The exact regulations for each league will vary, so it is best to check with your local league to be sure that you are following the specifications.

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